How it all got started

The following summary is from the KVBA 25th anniversary year book published during the 1998-1999 season.

With the growth in the Kennebecasis Valley in the early seventies came the over enrollment in the Junior High Schools. This forced the schools to go to split shifts which left no time for teams to operate. With an interest for basketball teams at the level and the driving force of Marg Tempelton-Corbin the Kennebecasis Valley Basketball Association, a community-based league, was formed. The emphasis the first few years was on Junior High age players.

Interest soon grew and in the mid-seventies an enormous amount of interest led to the development of junior and senior mini divisions. Bob Howell, a volunteer at this time, was one of the people instrumental in introducing mini basketball to the KVBA. Pat McPhee played a key roll in the development of the philosophy of equal time and fair play which was established for all house league teams. Throughout the years our junior mini program numbers have fluctuated and some years it was necessary to combine boys and girls.

In 1997, on the recommendation of Paul Vaughan and Karen Spurrell, it was decided to trail a puppy league for children six and seven years of age. The interest was far greater than excepted and this year we more than doubled the number of children we registered at this level. For one hour a week they are introduced to the games of basketball at a level emphasizing basic skills, rules, sportsmanship and team play.

Registration has reached 750 players and 100 coaches and volunteers. The Association prides itself in offering a place for children 6 through 17 an opportunity to learn and play basketball. Thanks to Jane McGregor, a dedicated volunteers in the early eighties, a relationship that continues today was established with the schools in the Kennebecasis Valley. We thanks the schools for their continued support.

For many years the KVBA has been invited to register teams in the Dave Kean Memorial Tournament, a house league tournament run by Lancaster Association over the Christmas break. Again this year we were well represented and are grateful for this opportunity.
Guidelines and philosophies established in the eighties, under the guidance of Chuck Beyea, are the basis for our rep teams. This is more competitive level a ball for those interested in representing the association at the provincial level. Through the years, the KVBA has been well represented at this level.

We are pleased to have rep teams that are very competitive with other large associations. In 1989, under the leadership of Gary and Sandra Armstrong, the KVBA hosted a mini invitational tournament and this year we are proud to have hosted the 10th Annual Mini Invitational.

During the 25 years of operation the KVBA has seen many dedicated volunteers too numerous to mention, but it goes without saying that without their hard work and dedication an association of this magnitude would not thrive. As we conclude our 25th year of operation a congratulation goes out to all volunteers both past and present. The KVBA looks forward to the continued growth in the sport.

Presidents Roll Call

1974-1977 – Marg Templeton-Corbin
1977-1978 – Bob Howell
1978-1979 – Mikel Jackson
1979-1981 – Gord Messer
1981-1985 – Chuck Beyea
1985-1986 – Jane McGregor
1986-1988 – Jack Travis
1988-1990 – Gary Armstrong
1990-1992 – Phil Knight
1992-1993 – Ron Fowlie
1993-1994 – Brian McLean
1994-1996 – Paula Aasen-Haines
1996-1998 – Trudy Melvin
1998-2000 – Reg Gallant
2000-2005 – Paul Vaughan
2005-2006 – Bill Mayberry
2006-2008 – Lorne Webster
2008-2013 – George Flanagan
2013-2015 – Peter Bourque
2015-2017 – Charlotte McGill-Pierce
2017-2018 – Nancy Butler
2018-2020 – Kevin Barrett
2020-2023 – Huey Lord